My work is oil paint on canvas. My paintings start with a deliberate framework, color, idea, imagery, mood or feeling. However, I always remain open to allowing the push and pull of the process itself to become the determinate of the story being told. I paint intuitively, as well, using foundational techniques to try to capture the abstract moment. Inspiration comes by things in life that grip my attention and pull me into a moment of reflection where a mood or feeling or thought temporarily takes over my thought from it's original path. Propels my thinking to another state. This inspiration can come from anywhere. Anytime. From the books I read about mythology, symbology and collective evolution, to the beauty of an old majestic tree while on a walk, the tender yet forceful way the ocean water trails back from sand, even in the noticing of where some rust has taken over on an old light pole and, its exquisite perfection in design.  The moments in life that cause pause, reflection, questioning. My hope is to invite the viewer of my work to pause, if only for a moment.  -Pamela Covington


Pamela Covington